Golf Scorecards App Reviews

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Are you going to update this app to iOS 11?


Doesn't have any notion of what course I am playing. Can' t even name the game. No instructions. Useless.

Great for disc golf!

Fantastic scoring app for disc golf. Super easy, hard to screw up, and saves scores historically. Everyone I have shown this to has bought it and loves it.


Love it.

Great app

Super easy to use

User Friendly

This is a way user friendly app. I set up a "blank" and then duplicate option on card and work off new card created. Saves the work. Any and all changes can be made on the go - jus an all around was app. Thanks!

Great app

Easy to use

Good free ap

I keep track of my scores so have the last 6 rounds on hand to evaluate holes I do well and poorly on.

Disc golf

Good app for free.


There was recent update to this app and since then, I can't even launch it. It's a great app, it's just useless right now for me.

Freakin sweet

Love it. Just enter and does all adding for ya.

Great app.

Easy to use. Set the par for each hole for your course(s) and save. Will only have to change the name of the players.

Simple, Clutter free, Useful...., Awesome!

I've tried several score cards, but this is the one that my crew and I fell in love with. It's simple to use and clutter free. I'm loving it.

Useful and convenient

I used it for mini golf :)

Simply perfect

Perfect app, easy to use, simple and intuitive.


very easy way to keep track of you score without taking much time out of your game

Doesn't work

Title says it all...


App is cool but wish it would set all par to 3. Unless theres a way to do that let me know!

Great app

Quick and simple. Couldn't spend a dollar in a better way. Overall great app

Useful app!

Simple but very useful idea was implemented. It's worth its money!

Excellent app!

I love the simplicity and ease of use. This app will be handy to have on the golf course. I especially love that I can email the scorecard to myself and others after the game.


Simple and easy to use good job!:)

Thanks! Great app

Right in time for the new season this will help me a lot.

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